Garden Centres

C.B.S. have a long history of successfully undertaking the M&E design and installation on Garden Centres throughout the UK.

We work with Major Groups, namely Blue Diamond, where we have been the principal Building Services Contractor across all their sites in the UK and Channel Islands as well as individually owned garden centres.  We have a thorough understanding of modern garden centres, with the expertise to identify the correct design requirements for internal and external areas.

Poplars, Bedfordshire’s largest Independent Garden Centre

In 2006 we undertook the design and installation of the M&E services to the new centre at Toddington, returning in 2010 to undertake phase 2

Frosts Garden Centre, Woburn

In 2009 we completed the new installation for Frosts in Woburn.

Raglan Garden Centre

M&E installation in Monmouth in 2008

Other Garden Centre Projects Include

Aylett Nurseries, St Albans

Brookfields Garden Centre, Nottingham

Byrkley Garden Centre, Burton on Trent