It is widely accepted that regular planned maintenance of mechanical and electrical installations and equipment pays dividends in terms of reliability, performance and energy efficiency and, can therefore, be shown to be highly cost-effective.  In addition to this, there are an increasing number of regulations which require proof that such maintenance is carried out.  These cover obvious areas such as electrical/fire protection systems and gas safety certification.  More recent legislation also requires survey reports and regular maintenance on all air conditioning systems over a stated size, which brings even relatively small premises into its remit.

When equipment is regularly maintained the likelihood of inconvenient breakdowns is drastically reduced.  In the event of problems, we can offer reduced call-out rates and priority attention to clients who have a maintenance contract in place with us.

We can offer a variety of options in the terms of such contracts, and would be happy to quote on the basis of clients’ requirements, from a simple charge-per-visit arrangement to a more comprehensive contract with inclusions for call-outs etc.  Whichever option is chosen, you can be assured that your statutory requirements will be covered and that you will have access to the C.B.S.’ extensive range of in-house skills, as well as a management   team with many years of experience and technical expertise.

At C.B.S. we can offer a cost-effective solution covering all aspects of planned maintenance including mechanical, electrical, fire and security, plumbing, gas, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.