Supply Chain

C.B.S. works with a carefully chosen and vetted supply chain across the wide range of building service activities that we undertake.  Supplementing our own highly trained operatives, we have developed long term relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors who share our visions for customer service excellence and zero defects & accidents.

Using a vetting procedure aimed at achieving our objectives, we pro-actively seek and approve the best suppliers and sub-contractors who collaborate with us to achieve the best value solutions which are safe, ethical and environmentally friendly.

When sourcing a compatible supplier we ensure that the organisation is the best in areas such as:

  • Professional qualifications
  • Capabilities
  • Financial stability
  • Health and Life Safety
  • Insurances
  • Environmental guidelines
  • Quality assurance
  • Performance feedback
  • Commercial / Awareness
  • Attitude to cooperation
  • Experience

If you are interested in becoming a supplier and meet our criteria, please contact us.